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Since 1992 this Mucksucker vacuum has more than proved itself working with all major makes and types of Router. Its efficiency for clearing all materials from the router foot is well known in the trade, as is the excellent after sales service provided by Mucksucker. Due to their unique design these machines can run all day. The filters which are Class F9 and tested in accordance with EN 779-2012, have an efficiency higher than 95% with an average efficiency of 0.4 microns and do not need to be cleaned. Just remember to empty the bin! Two drums/bins are provided as standard. We have designed the motor to unclip easily from the lid in order to be replaced in seconds, thereby not losing production time. Also available is an Interceptor Lid which we advise using when cutting plastics/acrylics and aluminium with a coolant mist. In addition square trolleys and lifting rings for bins are available and also cleaning tools for cleaning floors round the Routers. (See photos on this page)

  • Hose Diameters: 51mm (2") 63mm (2.5") and 76mm (3")

  • Motor: 240v/1200w

  • Drum Dimensions: Length - 50mm. Width - 50mm. Height 76mm. Capacity - 115 litres.

Nothing sucks muck like a Mucksucker sucks
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